About Us

The thing that drives me the most now is not so much how much money I make, but the positive impact I have on others. It’s amazing how when you don’t have to worry about the bills you can then focus on the things that really matter most to you. E commerce & personal development has been incredibly life to change for me and also those closest to me. I would like everyone who is willing to bet on themselves and wants more to experience what I have, and so that is how this coaching program was born. Everything I wake up to an incredible life where I feel inspired and have the freedom to determine what I will do each day. This is an incredible feeling to have and I want to enable others to also empower themselves in a similar way. I am constantly learning new things and building new friendships around the world and would love for your story to be the next success story I see.

My Story:

Around 2 ½ Years ago things were very different for me. I had dropped out of college, only to be fired less than 10 days into a job that I hated. I was then forced to survive on less than $300 (£230) per month unemployment benefit.
I began to spend a lot of time searching for a solution, a way out, anything that would give me the opportunity to change my situation. It was during this time I heard Bob Proctor speak for the first time on a video called “The Secret”. I began to learn all about “The Law of Attraction “which sparked something inside of me that became a catalyst on mypath of self-discovery.
I came to realize that as bad as things were, I had to make a choice between 2 paths. I was either going to allow my bank account to determine by thinking, or my thinking to determine my bank account. I chose to take control of my own life.
Once I made that decision, I began to focus on my goals rather than my current results. Within a short period of time, I came across an E-commerce business model selling through Amazon. Something inside of me told me this was the opportunity I had been seeking.

At the time, I didn’t seem to have the funds to make it happen. It seemed impossible! Still, I was so determined that I didn’t focus on the how. I just knew I would find a way. Around this time, my past employer who I ended up suing, had finally decided to offer a significant settlement the day before we were due to go into court. This seemed like a miracle because I had taken on the case without any assistance from an attorney. I accepted the offer, and the money I received, along with a loan from my mother, was what got me started in this business

Now I had the capital, I went full speed with my Amazon business, and was awarded personal coaching from one of the best e-commerce coaches in the world a short time after starting my entrepreneurial journey. Everything I needed suddenly began to fall into place, and my life began to change dramatically.

I started to learn very powerful marketing techniques which became a wind under my sails and pushed me forward quickly! This enabled me to raise my income up to $20,000(£16,000) per month after just 3 months of starting.

Not wanting to settle for past successes I spent the next 16 months traveling to over 15 conferences, across 8 countries, and 5 US states. I pretty much signed up for every e-commerce event and course available to me worldwide in order to broaden my knowledge of the business I was now in.

I started to network with the elite in the Internet Marketing world and built incredible relationships with some truly amazing folks. This enabled me to stay ahead of the market trends, and gain amazing insights into what it takes to truly grow big fast!

A result I have consistently earned over $150,000 per month from my business all while working a couple of hours a day, completely remotely.

We also recently had our best day ever on Amazon with $42,000 in sales in a single day.

We are aiming to grow our business to over $2,000,000 per month in the next 6 - 12 months and all while working on a business I am passionate about, which allows me the freedom to travel and spend time with those who matter most.